Enterprise White Label Telemedicine Platform

Branded for your organization

Ideal for small clinics up to large enterprises

Now the power of telemedicine is available to your organization. Doxy.me provides a branded solution for clinics, hospitals, health systems and even professional organizations.

Trusted by some of the world’s smartest healthcare organizations

Custom Branding

You have an image of your organization that you need to maintain, we help you do that. We allows you to customize your Doxy.me account to match your organization.

white labelled doxy.me dashboard

white labelled doxy.me landing page

Dedicated Landing Page

We make it easy and comfortable for your patients. With a dedicated landing page and custom branding, patients will feel like they’re using your very own telemedicine solution.


We provide you analytics for your organization. Now you can track of usage, monitor trends, and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

doxy.me telemedicine analytics screenshot

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